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Fuck You As Well, PETA.

I have a TON of vegan friends. If they ever got like this little girl, however, I’d eat them. It reminds of one of the Thanksgivings when I was vegan, and the only thing I could eat at my family’s house was wine. Long story short, I ended up puking on the lawn and passing out on my father’s couch. Two boxes of wine doesn’t do me like that anymore… that’s why I switched to gravy. Two boxes of gravy.



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I’m Throwing A Party…

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This Quacks Me Up.

This is America.

This is why I want out.

Stop over at Stop Making That Duckface!,  where you, too, can realize that you are different… just like everyone else.

Seriously. Stop it.

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Straight from the pages of a Michael Crichton novel comes a swarm of epic proportions! At first, I was amazed:

…then I realized that I just washed the damn car. Just kidding, I haven’t washed my car since I got it, because that’s mother nature’s job, and she’s in the union. I’d hate for her to file a grievance against me. I mean c’mon. She’s already getting all the overtime, why would I want to pad her pockets any more than that?

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