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Hey, Gary… Let’s Talk…

I’m not sure how real this is…

…and why I wasn’t offended until the kitten bit.


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Is there ANYTHING a cat can’t do? Other than pay taxes, that is…?

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Talking Cat Of The Day!

Here’s something to watch while you’re stuffing the turkey and filling up your holiday flasks!

I actually have a great recipe for a drink: Add rum.

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Cat Sings… Need I Say More?

Yes, you can haz nice weekend now. See you Monday morning!

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This has to be my favorite so far…

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Keyboard Cat Costume!

Kirsten Lepore is full of win. Why?

It took her three days to complete this costume, and it has NOTHING TO DO WITH FURRIES. Too cute. It looks warm, too. Maybe instead of a winter coat I can talk her into making me one… sure would be warmer than my David skin suit…

I miss Halloween.

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Now that’s just sweet:

Kittens: supplying the internet with 98% of all content.

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