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It’s finally revealed that John Popper is Luke Skywalker’s father:

Spoiler alert, lol.


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So, I’m sitting in my pajamas watching cartoons and it hit me… what do I get everyone for XXXmas?

Well, the answer is right here! Check out my friend’s (and lifetime hetero partner in crime’s) Etsy shop here:

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Way to go, Frank Caliendo! It’s stuff like this that keeps me warm at night.

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Talk To The Mooseknuckle

If you’re a total shut in (like me) then more than likely you’ve seen this:

Cute. I wanna smack them right in the trust fund. Take it away, boys:

Talk to the moose. Ha. I get it!

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Enjoy. I even wrote the song.

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I Choose You… Jesus?!

…just when I thought “hey maybe my evolved Bulbasaur will get me into the pearly gates” this video comes along and ruins my chances of EVER getting into heaven.

God damn it.

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Star Wars: OCD

Come on, Luke… you’re letting all the force out.


ALSO… what the hell?!

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