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Need A Job?

All the pizza you can eat, but you pretty much have to walk around naked in the sewer… from Digg.

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I love a good cat fight. Especially a cat fight where the cat wants absoulutly nothing to do with what’s going in. It becomes clear very early on in this video who’s starting shit with who…

..and who left the fight with their dignity intact.



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Holy Pluckin’ Shit.

Hey, vegans… I was once one of you. I did two solid years, and watched all sorts of inhumane videos, read a ton of pamphlets, and ate a lot of meat-free taste-free culinary delights. This video, however, is one of the most no-way-that’s-gonna-work videos I have seen in a looooooong time (notice all the extra “o”s? That’s how long):


…and there you have it. I wonder if that would work on something larger, like say, my penis. There’s only one way to find out, so everyone out there should look for MY next video called “Adrian Is Now A Hairless Woman”.

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…and after watching this video, I’m starting to feel a hell of a lot better about it:


Ha! He’s posting what we’re all thinking! Oh, man, I can’t wait to not see that movie this weekend, and to not buy it on DVD or BluRay when it’s released, and to NOT watch it when TNT has a two-in-a-row showing of it.

Wait, I’m getting a txt from the future from myself… looks like it’s all true. The world IS destroyed, aside from one Verizon tower rigged up with a flux capacitor.

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It’s about time we all accepted just how nerdy (read: white) all of you are. Celebrate with this WONDERFUL Terminator 2 rap!

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