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Round One… WTF!?

Ah, Jersey Shore. Please Die.


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Just in time for the holidays… wait a minute, is that a dreidel in your pants or are you just happy to see me?

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Way to go, Frank Caliendo! It’s stuff like this that keeps me warm at night.

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Hey, I just wanted to time this right and call FIRSTIES!!1 but the internetz beat me to it. Therefore, I’m gonna post it now, as in RIGHT NOW at the dawn of the holiday season!

Who’s your favorite Jewish person? I’m gonna go with Sarah Silverman…. Mmmmm. Kosher.

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Star Trek: WTF Edition

I love how this really has nothing to do with Star Trek at all… other than of course the confusion.

UPDATE! This one is awesome, as well! I’m hooked! Thanks, Internet


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This is what three cases of Pabst Blue Ribbon and a belly full o’ turkey will feel like at 1am.

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I’ve watched this about four times since I’ve posted it… and that’s not even possible, seeing as I’m posting this FROM THE FUTURE.

Also, of note:

…that one I posted from the PAST.

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