Way to go, Frank Caliendo! It’s stuff like this that keeps me warm at night.

For some reason, these look really comfortable to me. Think about it: everything you sit on would feel awesome.  Is your ass gellin’ ? IT IS NOW:


Talk To The Mooseknuckle

If you’re a total shut in (like me) then more than likely you’ve seen this:

Cute. I wanna smack them right in the trust fund. Take it away, boys:

Talk to the moose. Ha. I get it!

Enjoy. I even wrote the song.

The Best Wrapper Alive!

Personally, I was gonna say Jay Z, but what do I know? I’m a white boy from the suburbs. Merry Christmas!

I Need Your Votes…


Yeah I know it’s a write in, but let’s show them that we mean business! DO IT!

Hey, I just wanted to time this right and call FIRSTIES!!1 but the internetz beat me to it. Therefore, I’m gonna post it now, as in RIGHT NOW at the dawn of the holiday season!

Who’s your favorite Jewish person? I’m gonna go with Sarah Silverman…. Mmmmm. Kosher.